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Going Forward...

Our people have continued to triumph over adversity. Life is better now but we still have more to do. With God, all things are possible. We must not let the negative events in our past keep us from our victorious future.

We must be transformed by renewed minds and persevere more determined than ever to become all that God has intended for us to be.

I re-introduce my first book; "Ten Prayers for My People" because the information is still important and quite relevant today.

We will win if we don't give up on our goals and dreams.
I dedicate this song to us all:

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Public Domain
Civillia Martin and Charles H. Gabriel  - 1905


A Prayer for the Ebola Outbreak

Merciful and Mighty God,
We give praise because You said in Your Word
that nothing is too hard for You.

We are encouraged because You said
that no weapon formed against Your people (including the African people)
that these weapons will NOT prosper.

We have hope because You said in Your Word that Your strength is made perfect
in our weakness.
In Jesus' Name, we decree and declare
that Your perfected Strength will manifest
in the immune systems of all
who have been weakened by the Ebola virus.

By the power of Your Grace,
all afflicted with or exposed to the Ebola virus will have Supernatural immunity
to ward off this deadly attack.
They will live and not die - to the glory of God.

This Ebola virus sickness
will stop ending in death!
ALL complications, inflammation,
and devastation associated with this infection; all of this is CANCELLED in the Name of Jesus.

Forgive us for our sins
as we have forgiven others.
Remind us of whom and what we need to forgive so that we can.
Lead us not into temptation
and deliver us from all manner of evil.

Our faith in the goodness of God
remains unshaken!

In the matchless and the mighty Name of Jesus we do pray.


Standing on God’s Word: Psalm 13 – Psalm 91






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Latest Offering by Dr. Richardson:

The Doctor prescribes not only medicine but when led by the Spirit, she can offer specific prayer for critical patients. Read her accounts of the miraculous works of God she witnessed.        

2007 debut work by the Doctor.

Ten Prayers Featured:
Each prayer builds onto the next
to bring you to victory!




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